From the legendary Vinoy hotel to Historic Kenwood, St. Petersburg is chock full of history and charm.  However, that doesn't mean you want a house that’s “old”!

If you want to live in a little piece of history – while still enjoying plenty of modern amenities – take advantage of these home renovation and rehab tips:


Home Renovation

3 Tips for the Perfect St. Petersburg Renovation

1.  Embrace the neighborhood

St. Petersburg is very proud of its history, so no matter what changes you make, be sure to keep the historical integrity of your home intact.  

For example, in Kenwood, virtually all of the bungalows were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  So, keep the exterior of your home the same (after all, who doesn't love big, shady trees and cute brick entryways?!), but you can upgrade the interior with things like hardwood floors and new appliances.  

You’ll probably also want to do things that make your rooms look bigger (since open floor plans were not the trend back in the 20’s and 30’s).  If you don’t want to knock down walls altogether, opt for lighter paint colors and bigger windows.  The more light you can bring into the space, the bigger it will look.


2.  Go green

While it can be exciting to get your hands on a never-been-upgraded historic St. Petersburg home, it can also be murder on your utility bills.  Think about trying to make it through all of those hot, humid summers without the state-of-the-art insulation and other upgrades that we’re used to today!

Luckily, you can go green without changing the look of your home whatsoever.  After all, no one can see your insulation once the drywall has been replaced.  And, you can get new double-paned windows that are specially-designed to keep out the Florida heat – but don’t look any different from their older counterparts.

If your historic home has siding, consider replacing it, instead of just cleaning it.  That’s because siding is designed to keep the elements outside where they belong.  If it’s been decades since your siding got any TLC, it’s probably letting in more heat and humidity than you’d like.


3.  Add storage

St. Petersburg’s historic homes aren't exactly known for their storage space.  Since you won’t have a basement to work with, you and your contractor will have to get creative on this one.  

For example, if you love to cook, you may have to completely renovate your kitchen in order to get the space you need.  Or, if you've got a lot of clothes, a quick and easy master closet rehab might not be enough; you might need a complete renovation.

Luckily, good contractors have plenty of experience working with historic St. Petersburg homes just like yours.  You can count on them to bring plenty of renovation and rehab ideas to the table!


What to look for in a Building Contractor

Take care to verify that your contractor is licensed, bonded and insured.

Here’s what that means:

  • Licensed - In most states, including Florida, one must have a license to legally do construction for others. You can make sure a company is licensed by checking here; www.myfloridalicense.com
  • Bonded - Bonded refers to a company having a “surety bond”. This guarantees the contractor will complete a project as specified in the contract documents. If the contractor fails to complete the project, the bond company pays another contractor to finish it. Anyone can SAY they have such a bond. To be safe, you need to ask the contractor what the name and number is for their bond company, then call them to verify it.
  • Insured - A contractor should have both “Worker’s Compensation” insurance and “Liability Insurance”. The minimum amounts required for general liability insurance are:
    • $300,000 bodily injury
    • $50,000 property damage

Contractors are required to show you a certificate of their insurance. You may also want to check with the insurance company to verify the policy is active.

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